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Common Hand and Wrist Injuries for Artists

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Artists of all types typically use their hands to perform their work, and in many cases this necessitates repetitive motions which can cause strain on muscles, tendons and other parts of the joints. That includes: musicians, painters, graphic artists, animators, film producers, sculptors, interior decorators, craftsmen, and hundreds of other professionals and hobbyists. If you are any kind of artist in or around the Los Angeles area and have experienced pain, strain or reduced movement in your hand and wrist while creating your art, there are two things you need to know. You are not alone and there is help like ganglion cyst doctor and the carpal tunnel syndrome surgeon.

Hand and wrist injuries are common among artists and others who use their arms and hands regularly. Many types of treatment options are available. The worst choice you can make is to put it off and hope it will go away. The moment you notice the signs of an injury, you should try to be seen by the best hand clinic Los Angeles has to offer.

Pain and Strain While Performing or At Other Times

Are you experiencing pain in your hand and wrist while doing activities pertaining to your art? Do you experience strain, tingling and pain in these areas even when you are not working? These are signs that you could have an injury, such as a repetitive strain injury (RSI). There are ways to prevent and treat this, and again, you can discover these by enlisting the best hand clinic. Los Angeles has specialists who encounter artists every day, and will know exactly how to treat your condition.

Reduced Mobility and Freedom of Movement

Another reason to seek treatment is if you are having difficult moving your hand and wrist like you used to. If you find that your hand or fingers are freezing up, or seem to be sticking in a certain position, this can be a sign of a serious condition that will need treatments, potentially including surgery. Do not fear surgery and use this as an excuse not to be seen by a hand and wrist expert or a carpal tunnel specialist. Los Angeles artists very frequently experience injuries that cause reduced mobility and a decrease in their freedom of movement.

Do Not Delay in Getting Treatment

Remember that the longer you wait to see a Los Angeles hand surgeon or other professional expert on hand and wrist injuries, the greater the potential severity of your condition may become. At the very first signs of pain, strain or reduced freedom of movement, you should contact a professional even if it is intermittent or comes once and goes away. Prevention is the key here. If your art is important to you, do not neglect one of the greatest instruments in your kit: your wrists and hands. You would not want to someday be unable to perform your precious work.

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